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Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed? Have you gotten burnt out on “believe in yourself” trainings that don't ever show you exactly HOW to get from A-Z in the industry? With these proven social marketing strategies each week you will leave empowered to overcome obstacles & equipped with a roadmap to success so that you can move the needle in your business in-between carlines & chasing babies!  Are YOU here for it? 

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Ever wonder why it looks like everyone else online seems to know what they're doing?! (pssst! They don't really...) BUT they have harnessed the power of intuitive marketing! And so can you. 🎉Grab your AirPods + get to listening.

How to Market Your Genius

How to Close Every Deal

If selling easy, everyone would do it..But here's the good news- it CAN be easier for you! Tune in as we break down sales psychology + debunk out-dated marketing strategies. It's time for you to start goal-crushing! ⚡️

what you'll learn here: 

How to Show-up on Social

Social Algorithms these days are a lot like your picky toddler.. You never know what you're going to get. 😉That's why I'm here! The rules of the algorithm may change but creating a niche-specific community will always win the day. Now download an Episode and hit PLAY 👊🏽

She's Here For It

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As multi-passionate women our schedules (and our camera roll) are always full. This is why I created a show where the episodes are short (30 min or less), so you can cross more items off of your to-do list by simultaneously listening to business growth AND tackling that never-ending laundry pile.
I got you, Sis!

My superpower is helping women like you uncover your marketing "it factor" so you can show up online confidently & create income while making an impact. 

Monetize Me: 1:1 Business Coaching & Sales Mentoring

Inside this high-touch 1:1 experience we uncover everything keeping you “stuck” & silence the second-guessing when it comes to your marketing. Ready to show up on Social with = parts purpose + strategy?? I knew we were Besties! See you on our next zoom meeting!

Nail        Niche

Spend LESS hours scrolling looking for posting inspo and Show up on Social Stress-Free with a Marketing plan that your customers can’t ignore. This course is your one-stop-shop for a Profitable Content Blueprint-Grab it NOW before Doors close!
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1:1 Coaching


Strategy Session

Instagram Growth Accelerator

If you’ve finally found a product or service that you believe in enough to share… but feel like your growth isn’t yet matching your constant efforts— then this membership is for you!

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Abbey was able to help me nail down my niche and get a clearer vision of the direction I wanted to go with my business!

Everything made more sense after her niche course and I was able to move forward with clarity and focus! She should be your go to for nailing down your niche and helping find your direction! - Maleri Parker 

No random, go-nowhere posts that I hope create traction or convert

Abbey helped me niche down so specifically creating content and posting is intentional and purposeful now! My engagement has increased, sales are consistent, and I’m so much more confident when I show up on social media! -Alaina Mayes

I was amazed at how quickly Abbey’s Framework helped me discover what my actual niche is. 

I am a health and fitness account and have been very broad in my content. After only 1 hour with Abbey, she helped me narrow down my passions/pillars to what I am most passionate about at my current season in life, which is busy pregnant and postpartum moms. Now I finally feel like I have direction with my content and I'm never wondering what I should post about.